BIG Intro

Founded in 2002 during early beta testing, BIG is one of the oldest corporations in EVE. We’re known to most players for the various products and services we offer to players, including the BIG Lottery.

BIG is Currently in Hibernation

Recruitment for BIG is currently closed, and the corp leader is on sabbatical from EVE. The corp will be revived once more when he has had time to recharge and commit the appropriate amount of time to the corp.

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What Sets BIG Apart?

BIG is a socialist corporation and provides an unrivaled safety net for all members in the form of an expansive SRP we call the BIG Replacement Program or BRP. EVE is a dangerous game and BIG has your back, replacing lost ships, implants and gear. BIG members are freed from having to save up excessive isk to cover predicted losses, and may continue to reinvest their earnings to improve themselves and their capabilities.

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