BIG Replacement Program Launches

BIG has adopted a new system of resource management and distribution, replacing the share-all commune system with a safety net modeled after real-world socialist countries such as Finland or Denmark. The idea is to share risk instead of assets.

The BRP is a comprehensive SRP that covers much more than just certain fits in certain fleets like most programs do. It’s an everything replacement policy, to encourage members to spend their hard-earned isk expanding their capabilities without having to worry about running out of resources or losing ships.

This was implemented due to an age-old flaw in BIG’s “share-all” communal concept, we call it the “incentives problem.” That is, that if everyone is guaranteed free ships and isk from day one, then they have a hard time being motivated to do anything. This way, people earn their own isk and spend it as they please, giving them more incentives to log in and participate – but the corp still has their back when things don’t go well.

More details can be found on the organization page.