Voltaire is Taking a Break from EVE

Before I get into my reasons for this, I want to say that the past few months in the wormhole have been the most fun I’ve ever had playing EVE.  I will definitely be getting back into wormholes when I’m ready to come back, hopefully recharged and ready to give it another try.

I’ve been losing steam and getting discouraged recently as the corp hasn’t made much progress, and we have very few active members.  Since things are at a low point, a break now would have less impact on others than previously.  I’m also playing a lot of EVE at the expense of other hobbies and projects that I would like to get back to.

For instance, I play and develop a pen and paper RPG that I would like to get back to and I’ve been wanting to start podcast about the science/history of nuclear reactors/weapons.  I’m also looking to buy a house IRL and that will take a lot of my time as well.

All that said, I’m not quitting, just taking a break.  I haven’t failed, just postponed success.