BIG Organization

The BIG Life

BIG is staffed by some of the most experienced players in all of EVE and they enjoy an unrivaled sense of community. Our corporation is for mature and sensible players of all types. We are a socialist corporation that provides a substantial saftey net and unrivaled support for our members.

The BIG Replacement Program (BRP)

BIG members support one another by sharing in the inherent risk of playing the dangerous game of EVE. To this end, we have implemented a comprehensive SRP that we call the BIG Replacement Program. The BRP is meant to cover much more than just certain fits in certain fleets like most programs do

It’s an everything replacement policy, to encourage members to spend their hard-earned isk expanding their capabilities without having to worry about running out of resources or losing ships.

What is Covered?

BIG will cover most reasonable losses, so long as the member is not taking excessive risks or abusing our generosity. BIG prides itself on treating situations on a case-by-case basis, and we’re never so large that we don’t keep tabs on every individual in our family.

  • Ships lost in PVP and PVE are covered 100%.
  • Ships and cargo lost when hauling are covered at 100%.
  • Implants are replaced at 100%. Expensive implants such as +4 or +5s may be replaced at a lower +3 rate if the pilot flew into danger knowingly.
  • Isk lost to scams or other deceptive practices by other players are not reimbursed.
  • Isk lost to gambling are not reimbursed.
  • Willful abusers of the program will be warned and/or kicked.
  • We reserve the right to deny any claim in part or in full if we feel it is unfair to the corp, or you did not take all meaningful precautions to prevent the loss.
  • Faction, deadspace or better modules will only be replaced if we feel it was necessary for the ship’s intended purpose. If you lose a 190m isk warp disruptor and a 50m isk module would have done just as well, expect to only receive 50m.

How Do We Pay For This?

BIG has many corp-=run projects that generate a steady amount of isk, in addition to having collected a lot of wealth and assets over the years. However, the BRP fund is fueled initially by these programs but primarily by member donations.

As the fund gets low, we solicit members to give what they can to the fund from their wallets. Consider this 100% taxes on the honor system, you give what you can when you can and use the rest to improve your own capabilities.

Resource Buyback Program

Resources gathered in or out of the wormhole can be sold to the corp at market prices, with no markup. We will take care of utilizing or selling the resources on your behalf and replenish the buyback fund with the proceeds.


The overall direction and goals of the corporation is directed by the CEO and a panel of Presidents. Presidents make most of the day-to-day decisions for BIG. They are encouraged to consult BIG‘uns and other members before acting, but BIG is not a democracy.

BIG is governed by the consensus of the Presidents and the CEO, and they are not obligated to choose the most popular option in any given situation. Presidents act in the best interest of the corporation, with great attention paid to long-term goals and consequences. The CEO of BIG is TornSoul, and he has the power to veto any decision made by the presidents.

TornSoul has been away from the game for some time, so leadership decisions are primarily made by Voltaire Leriel, a veteran President with almost 12 years of experience managing BIG.


There are three main ranks for BIG members, and promotions are not based on seniority. Some members take longer to earn a promotion than others, and promotions in BIG tend to take longer than in most other corporations.

Applicant is a member that has been tentatively accepted to the corporation and is awaiting a background check to be fully welcomed into the family.

Recruit is the first rank within BIG, and is still considered to be a probationary period with no set length. Recruits that integrate into our family and prove to be active and contributing members will be considered for promotion to Enlisted.

Enlisted members are full members, having proven themselves trustworthy and dedicated to BIG‘s ideals. Enlisted members are given greater leniency in the BRP.

BIG‘uns are members who have worked hard and well with others, exhibited selfless devotion to our ideals, participated actively in corporate affairs, discussions and operations. They have shown their worth above and beyond what is expected of the rank-and-file, helping and facilitating others with little regard for personal wealth. Not all members are expected to become BIG’uns, and many members never reach this level even after years of service. BIG‘uns are members of an elite group of the best and the brightest BIG members. So long as one does not betray the family, the BIG‘un title is held for life.