BIG History

The BIG Story

BIG is one of the oldest corporations in EVE, having survived for over 12 years. We have a colorful history, roaming nullsec space in search of fun and profit. The deeds of BIG members large and small are etched into the history of New Eden.

BIG‘s history is long and colorful, and through all the years we’ve waved the BIG flag with pride – not because of the wealth we accumulate or the stuff we build, but because of the challenges we have overcome as a family.

Below you’ll find a detailed but by no means comprehensive recounting of BIG‘s extensive history.

EVE Beta (2002 – May 2003)

BIG was founded by TornSoul and several other (mostly Danish) players in 2002 during EVE’s early beta testing stages, making it one of the oldest surviving corporations in EVE. BIG today is a fully multi-national corporation, roughly 2/3rd European and 1/3rd American. BIG‘s first lottery was held during beta, as a test for the lottery that would begin soon after release.

BIG worked closely with the Chimera corporation in these early days and eventually the two corps merged. Some Chimera members are BIG members to this day, look for members with “BIG -C`” in their name in our IRC channel.

Early Release (May 2003 – September 2003)

BIG‘s first real steps into the EVE universe were sure-footed and decisive. From the beginning, BIG has had its mind set on 0.0 space and the freedom and adventure that it entails, and so from the first weeks of the game BIG was venturing into the Fountain region. It was during this time that the first true BIG Lottery was held, in which BIG gave away a Vexor cruiser, an expensive ship at the time.

As our presence grew in the Fountain region, we banded with other corporations in the area to create the Fountain Alliance [FA], the second alliance to ever be created in EVE. A great battle was fought to secure the region for the Fountain alliance and our first 0.0 territorial hold had begun.

The Fountain Alliance (September 2003 – July 2006)

BIG was a member in, and the executer of the Fountain Alliance since its inception in September 2003, roughly 5 months after the game was released in May 2003. The FA was one of the first alliances ever founded, second only to the Stain Alliance [SA]. It was during this time that the BIG Deal was created, and the BIG Lottery grew in popularity.

For almost two years, the FA held the Fountain region with pride, harvesting it’s resources and protecting inhabitants from pirates. A passport system was enacted which allowed neutral players to take advantage of some of Fountain’s riches, this was the first system of it’s kind.

The FA partnered with the Coalition of Free Stars [CFS] to police Delve, Querious and Period Basis, and control the new conquerable outposts in those regions. It was during this time that BIG became close to, and eventually merged with the Aggressive Faction Defence Technologies [AFDT] corporation.

BIG held the TPAR-G station for much of this time, this was the height of BIG‘s prominence as a 0.0 political and imperial power. The CFS eventually declared war on the FA, and after a short conquest FA became the undisputed ruler of all three regions. The FA spent much of this time quelling pirate invasions into the Period Basis region with limited success.

It was during this time that the Firmus Ixion [FIX] alliance would take control of the Querious region and be a partner with the FA until the invasion of the newly formed Band of Brothers [BoB] alliance into the Delve region when FIX became an ally of our enemy.

In the early months of 2005, the FA was attacked in its home region by BoB, which included FA founding corporation Evolution [EVOL]. FA became overwhelmed by enemy forces and lost many member corporations at the close of 2005, but maintained a presence in the Fountain region until July 2006.

The FA was the last of the first-generation alliances to be laid to rest. BIG Remained in the FA until it was dissolved, a testament to the persistence of our corporation and our will to continue to fight against our ideological nemesis at all costs.

The Rise Alliance (July 2006 – January 2007)

The Fountain Alliance merged with New Outer Ring Allied Democracy [NORAD] alliance starting in July 2006 to create the Rise [RISE] alliance. The RISE alliance reigned over the Outer Ring region for roughly a year before allying itself with the Band of Brothers [BoB] alliance and moving to the Fetyhabolis region in January 2007.

BIG chose not to follow, as it has a long-standing rivalry with BoB. We remain friends with our RISE comrades to this day, even if we are now quite distant from one another.
The Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate (January 2007 – June 2007)

Shortly after leaving the RISE alliance, BIG chose to join the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate [IAC] and move to the south. BIG was involved in the global war against BoB along side the Southern Coalition.

During our stay in IAC, BIG began to hone its collective 0.0 logistics and sales skills, serving the IAC with billions of isk in imported T2 goods for many months. BIG left the IAC in June 2007 due to political and ideological differences with the alliance leadership.

The Ka-Tet Alliance (August 2007 – March 2008)

BIG joined the Ka-Tet alliance in August 2007, based out of the remote drone region of Outer Passage. The Amarr outpost in VH-9VO was constructed soon after and logistics links were quickly established to continue the sales work that was being perfected in IAC.

During this time, BIG invented and constructed one of the first jump freighters, and maintained the long 6-jump freighter route from empire. It was during this time that BIG became closely aligned with the Armed War Monkies [A.W.M] corporation, a friendship that lasts to this day.

In the first months of 2008, Ka-Tet began to fall apart politically with several corps jockeying for executor votes. BIG was eventually removed from the region by alliance corps by force. It was during this period that many corporations left Ka-tet, and it was not long before Ka-Tet was invaded and destroyed from the outside.

Transition Period (March 2008 – June 2008)

BIG joined the Soul of Fountain [SOF] alliance briefly from March to April and began the move back into Fountain space. Before we could move in, the alliance was all but falling apart already and was promptly invaded and destroyed by Pandemic Legion.

BIG left SOF and spent some time in empire searching for a new 0.0 home. During this time, BIG became a close associate of the Doomguard [DGRD] corporation.

Libertas Fidelitas Alliance (June 2008 – January 2010)

BIG , AWM and DGRD joined the Libertas Fidelitas Alliance [LFA] together in the Providence region under the auspices of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]. Shortly after joining, BIG constructed its second outpost, a Minmatar refinery located in GN7-XY.

BIG re-established its strong production, importing and sales programs to bring plentiful and affordable T1 and T2 goods to area residents. BIG members held a variety of positions within the alliances from Senior Fleet Commander to Industrial Director, lending its extensive management and organizational experience to its allies. LFA was built from a small and unknown alliance into a formidable military force in the region.

During this time, BIG became close to members of the 101st Space Marine Force [101SM] corporation, among many other contacts that were made within the Providence holder alliances.

BIG ’s stay in Providence was a time of renewal and recruitment, rebuilding the corporation after many years of steady decline. During this time, BIG doubled its active membership and rebuilt its combat wing with the addition of new but talented fleet commanders. BIG ranked #3 on the LFA killboards the majority of its stay in the alliance and built a reputation as an efficient and well-equipped fighting force.

In January 2010, the enemy alliance Against ALL Authorities [-A-] allowed four nearby systems to go unclaimed, though they were firmly within the -A- sphere of influence.

LFA seized the opportunity and mounted an assault on the systems in the nearby catch region. The initially successful but poorly planned assault saw a rapid and brutal retaliation from -A-, who reclaimed the systems and proceeded to capture important strategic outposts inside Providence.

The formerly unified residents of Providence were thrown into disarray and infighting, between and within the space-holding alliances. BIG came into disagreement with LFA’s leadership about how to proceed, wishing to fight alongside CVA and reject the offered ceasefire deal as an attempt to divide and disrupt Providence. The other corporations of LFA disagreed and requested that BIG leave the alliance.

Transition Period (February 2010 – March 2010)

Due to the sudden departure of BIG from LFA, BIG chose to join the nearby Aegis Militia [AM] alliance and remain in Providence temporarily while searching for a new home elsewhere. BIG chose not to involve itself in AM’s politics or internal problems during this time.

Majesta Empire (March 2010 – March 2011)

BIG has always had strong ties with various individuals and corporations in the Northern Coalition [NC], and thus it felt natural to join the NC. After opening diplomatic channels to all NC member alliances, Majesta Empire [ME] was singled out as the best fit for our corporation.

Shortly after joining, BIG participated in the defense of ME and its allies, successfully pushing back an invasion of multiple alliances from all directions. This included age-old rivals IT [IT] (Formerly Band of Brothers [BoB]) as well as Against All Authorities [-A-] and Atlas Alliance [ATLAS]. BIG FCs participated heavily in coordinating defenses and counter-attacks and were recognized for their efforts in defending our new alliance. BIG has since participated in the seige of the Cobalt Edge region as well as the retaking of Geminate.

In late October 2010, BIG constructed an Amarr factory outpost in the 4GYV-Q system, making it the 3rd outpost built by the corporation. It was built from scratch, using only materials gathered from and processed on planets in 4GYV-Q and neighboring systems. This massive industrial effort combined the efforts of over 30 players, some with command centers on up to 30 planets each. Thus, the outpost was constructed for the fraction of the normal cost.

BIG then acquired a super carrier blueprint and began to mass-produce these impressive vessels, selling some and retaining others to be used in combat.

After a change in alliance leadership due to regular elections, ME began to alter course. BIG disagreed with the change in direction and after BIG‘s leadership voiced its concern on the matter over several months, chose to leave the alliance.

Gentlemen’s Agreement (March 2011 – September 2012)

Gentlemen’s Agreement [GENTS] was founded by the former PM of ME, Kesper North, with whom BIG has always had a good relationship. Shortly after moving to fountain, GENTS moved to Cloud Ring and again to the Branch region. During it’s time with Gents, BIG members began to burn out from the constant CTAs and the logistics of relocating the corp multiple times. The stress on the corp caused many to stop playing and activity dropped dramatically. Gents asked BIG to leave the alliance as a result, and BIG moved once again back to empire space to regroup.

Transition Period (September 2012 – May 2013)

After Gents, BIG began to decline in activity and searched for a new home in nullsec. It was during this time that BIG lost one of its most cherished family members, Zahn Retmas, who passed away unexpectedly in March 2013.

Insidious Empire (May 2013 – October 2013)

BIG joined Insidious Empire with some help from an old friend, and moved to Impass and Stain. EMP was a member of a coalition that failed and sovereignty was lost, pushing EMP to join with Pandemic Legion in the drone lands to the far north. Though BIG was low on membership, its members maintained high positions in alliance leadership and as fleet commanders.

Hibernation (October 2013 – December 2014)

After activity reached an all-time low, many members stopped playing or left the corporation. BIG continued to maintain the BIG Lottery and other services, but largely ceased operation as an organization.

Relaunch (December 2014 – April 2015)

Long-time director and BIG administrator Voltaire Leriel had left EVE Online to raise a son in February 2012. Feeling the time was right to make a return, Voltaire found the corp largely inactive save for a few highly dedicated members.

He put the call out for members to come back to EVE and to BIG, and has begun a long-overdue campaign of clean-up and restructuring. A new website was launched with new forums, and new comms. All of BIG‘s rules and policies have come under scrutiny and are being revised to adapt the corp to a changing game.

Every aspect of BIG is being remade into something complete new and exciting, something we can once again be proud of.

Absolute Damage Inc. / No Forks Given (April 2015 – Present)

BIG has begun a daring new adventure into wormhole space, a part of EVE that has been largely untouched by the corporation as a whole. We have and joined aligned our goals with Power Absolute and Haight Industries LLC in the Absolute Damage Inc. alliance. The alliance was reformed in July under a new name, No Forks Given [-POON]. We have moved from a C2 to a C4 wormhole and have been growing steadily with the help of our new friends.