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Snowman the Jimmy was promoted to BIG’un today. This is not something that happens often, and he is the first to receive this title in several years.  Even when the […]

BIG has adopted a new system of resource management and distribution, replacing the share-all commune system with a safety net modeled after real-world socialist countries such as Finland or Denmark. […]

BIG officially embarks on its wormhole adventure, joining with new friends in the Power Absolute [PWRR] corporation.  BIG will be moving into a class 2 wormhole system shortly.

Dawn Orbiter Reaches Ceres

Dawn has been taking high-resolution images of Ceres since December 2014 and entered orbit around Ceres on March 6, 2015. Dawn is a space probe launched by NASA in 2007 […]

Xaroth Brook was appointed to the role of President by Voltaire Leriel (President) and TornSoul (CEO), making him the first new President to be appointed in 3 years. Xaroth is […]